Faro el Porís de abona

Top 5 most beautiful corners of Villa de Arico

Arico is the second largest municipality in Tenerife and is located in the southern part of the Island, between Fasnia and Granadilla de Abona. It is divided into two urban groups, Arico el Viejo and Arico el Nuevo, and the coastal towns of Tajao and El Porís stand out, popular for their bathing areas and their restaurants specializing in fresh seafood.

These coastal restaurants are just one of the attractions of their gastronomy, known for the enormous quality of the cheese and wine from Arico. In addition, some dishes are very famous, such as the stew or the famous salted fish with chestnuts from Arico el Viejo.

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El Porís de Abona

It is a small coastal town located in the municipality of Arico, this area is known for its beaches and its crystal clear waters, as it has a black sand beach which makes it a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the sea and the sun or enjoy water sports such as paddle surfing or the kayak

This small coastal town is noted for its historic lighthouse built in 1902 and is an important landmark in the area and offers panoramic views of the sea and the coast.

Faro el Porís de abona

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The Tabaibal del Porís de Abona is a protected natural area of ​​only 48 hectares that It is listed as a Site of Scientific Interest and Ecological Sensitivity Area by the Government of the Canary Islands since 1994

Tabaibal del Porís de Abona

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Parish of San Juan Bautista

This church belongs to the architectural heritage and therefore it was declared as Historical Artistic Monument in 1985. Built in the 18th century, it is an important place of worship in the area.

Iglesia San Juan Bautista

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San Miguel de Tajao

It is a small coastal town located in the municipality of San Miguel de Abona. It stands out for its important fishing port and for its restaurants that serve fresh fish and seafood. being an ideal place to enjoy a good meal

It is also possible to practice hiking, since it has several trails to enjoy the nature of the area, the trail of Montaña Amarilla and the trail of the coast of San Miguel.

If you want to take a dip, you can do so on its black sand beaches and clear crystal clear, an ideal place to enjoy the sun and tranquility.


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the Arco de Tajao is a structure of volcanic origin, which are quite eye-catching and very pretty to visit. It is an interesting destination for those looking to enjoy the culture and the local cuisine, as well as the natural beauty of the Tenerife coast.


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Playa de Los Abriguitos

It is located in the town of Abades, municipality of Arico. It is one of the coastal areas of the south coast of Tenerife that is worth visiting. The Abades beach is black sand and has different services such as supermarkets, restaurants and a small shopping center. The weather during most of the year is ideal for tasting the sea products on its terraces.

It also has a promenade with benches to contemplate the sea views and a small jetty where the fishermen’s boats arrive.

playa los abriguitos, abades

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At the top of the mountain there are some unfinished buildings that attract a lot of attention is the Abona Sanatorium, of which we highlight an imposing church with a large cross. Known as a ghost town

Sanatorio de Abona

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Viewpoint Centinela

From this viewpoint you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the coast of Tenerife and the Atlantic Ocean. It also has an important geological and cultural value.

Since this area in the south of the island has important archaeological sitesunder the < strong>Roque de Jama up to 52 have been located, you can see different signs of the pre-Hispanic inhabitants such as the rock engravings, created using the incision technique and geometric shapes that are part of the lyrical-Berber symbology.

You can also see some ‘cups’ , which are small holes carved in rough with little channels that come out of the container and that were used by the Guanches to make offerings, depositing milk or water in them. Experts believe that this area had special magical-religious importance for the Guanches.

In 2018 it was declared of cultural interest BIC by the government of the Canary Islands as archaeological zone.

mirador de la centinela

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Do you already know El Poris? Discover all the fascinating places you can visit near this charming seaside destination. Leave us a comment telling us which of these sites you would like to explore first. We want to know your opinion and recommendations!

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