Maravilla Natural de Anaga
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When it comes to exceptional natural experiences in Tenerife, the Parque Rural de Anaga It stands as a hidden treasure, just a few minutes drive from the lively capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In this corner of the island, nature has woven a tapestry of rugged mountain ranges, deep valleys and black sand beaches, all framed by a rich biodiversity that has withstood the test of time.

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Discovering the Natural Wonder of Anaga:

This natural sanctuary, declared Biosphere Reserve, unfolds majestically in the extreme northeast of the Island of Tenerife. With nearly 14,500 hectares, it embraces municipalities such as La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tegueste. It’s not just an escape for locals, but a tourist magnet that attracts those looking to immerse themselves in the unexplored beauty of nature.

Maravilla Natural de Anaga

How to Get to the Jewel of Tenerife:

Getting to Anaga is part of the adventure. From Santa Cruz, bus lines 945 and 947 offer a convenient option, while those who prefer to drive can follow the scenic TF-11 to Igueste de San Andrés and then detour to Taganana via the TF-134. The winding road offers stunning views and marks just the beginning of the visual experience that awaits in Anaga.

Attractions that Awaken the Senses:

How long does it take to appreciate Anaga? The answer is as diverse as the park itself. For those looking for a day of immersion, exploring Benijo beach and feeling the fine black sand under your feet is an option. The brave can venture on longer hikes, immersing themselves in the diversity of landscapes, from rock formations to ancient volcanic chimneys.

For those passionate about fauna and flora, Anaga offers a visual feast. From laurel forest that has endured for millions of years to unique species of invertebrates and iconic birds, the park is a melting pot of life. Each trail reveals a new surprise, whether it’s a majestic rock or the fascinating view of the sea of ​​clouds.

Playa de Benijo
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Taganana: More than a Coastal Town:

Ask “What to see in Taganana?” is to discover a coastal gem with more than just beaches. Taganana offers an authentic Canarian village experience with its farmhouses and traditional agricultural life. Exploring this picturesque corner immerses you in the authenticity of local life, where the inhabitants grow traditional products such as sweet potatoes, potatoes and vines.


The Heart of the Anaga Massif:

Anaga is not just a park; It is a geological testimony of the antiquity of Tenerife. The differences in altitude, climate and soil have created a unique biodiversity that ranges from coastal vegetation to laurel forest in the highlands. In its 26 population centers, about 2,000 people are dedicated to small-scale agriculture, giving life to the landscape with native products.

Cruz del Carmen and the Laurisilva de Anaga

In the heart of the Anaga Rural Park and near the historic center of La Laguna is the Cruz del Carmen. This crossroads has a visitor center and a small museum dedicated to the vegetation, fauna and traditions of Anaga. Next to them, visitors can enjoy the views from a large viewpoint from which the silhouette of Mount Teide can be seen silhouetted against the sky.

A family restaurant (Restaurante Cruz del Carmen) is the place to replenish strength, both enjoying an appetizer and a typical recipe.

The lush laurel forests that define the landscape of Anaga Rural Park embrace the area around Cruz del Carmen, creating an irresistible call to immerse yourself in nature. With its 19 different tree species, Anaga presents itself as a kind of jungle, a tempting invitation to exploration.

Answers to Common Questions:

  • How long does it take to see Anaga?
    • Visit time can vary, from a few hours to several days depending on your interests and planned activities.
  • Where does the Pijaral trail begin?
    • For the most accurate information, it is advisable to consult local sources or the tourist office in the area.
  • What to see in Taganana?
    • Taganana offers beaches like Benijo, picturesque hamlets and traditional agricultural life.
  • Where is the Anaga massif located?
    • The massif is in the extreme northeast of Tenerife, covering municipalities such as La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tegueste.

Stay near Anaga

Plan Your Adventure in Anaga:

Monte de Anaga
Monte de Anaga

To fully enjoy Anaga, it is essential to plan ahead. Hiking trails, horseback riding, and even water sports like diving or surfing are available. Staying at the Anaga Lodge not only provides comfort, but also easy access to park activities.

At the crossroads of geological history and modern life, the Anaga Rural Park invites explorers to discover a corner of Tenerife where nature is the protagonist. From its winding paths to the black sand beaches, Anaga is an ode to the natural wealth of the Canary Islands, waiting to be explored and appreciated in all its magnificence. Get ready for an adventure that transcends time in the fascinating Anaga Rural Park!

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