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From the most special areas in mountainous corners of Tenerife to coastal areas with incomparable natural beauty.

Our set of accommodation complexes houses a variety of impressive properties located in the middle of natural landscapes. Escape from the ordinary, rediscover Tenerife and start enjoying unforgettable experiences.

Habitaci贸n El Poeta

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Rural Houses and Apartments in Tenerife

Caser铆o El Boquer贸n


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Adventures and activities in Tenerife

We will show you the most authentic of Tenerife.
You will enjoy unforgettable experiences that will make you awaken unique emotions.


The experiences that you will be able to live in this privileged enclave fit both those who know how to enjoy life and those who love nature, responsible consumption, the ecological and the beauty of the local.

Feel nature and walk through exclusive places in Tenerife.

Discover the history of Caser铆o el Boquer贸n, a rural building from the 18th century with a Canarian flavor and poetry on its walls. Learn about the history of wine in Tenerife and the type of vines that are grown on the estate.

Enjoy a pleasant tour with a table of Canarian cheeses and Canarian wines in the shade of a fig tree. Let yourself be enveloped by the peace and charm of the environment.


There are two options to book.

Option 1. Choose the days you want to stay on the accommodation calendar and pay with paypal or credit card.

Option 2. Choose the days you want to stay on the accommodation calendar and select “Reservar (confirmar presupuesto)”. Within the next 24 hours to send you a personalized quote. To formalize the reservation you must pay 100% of the total price by bank transfer, within 24 hours of sending the budget. Once the transfer is made, the reservation will be confirmed.

At the closing of all the extras, the payment of the remaining 50% will be made.

Rural house cancellations

For immediate reservations: Cancellation is free if it is made within 24 hours of making the reservation. In the event that it is canceled later, we will be flexible in the event that the reason for the cancellation was due to force majeure.

For reservations in advance: If the cancellation is made 15 days in advance, it will be free. In the event that it is an immediate cancellation and some type of expense is incurred, the client must assume it.

The cancellation of the reservation supposes the loss of 50% of the amount entered for the confirmation of the same. The other 50% will be reserved for a future stay.

Events cancellation

If the cancellation is due to the applicable regulations due to COVID, there will be no expenses in the cancellation of the rental of the spaces, provided that it is notified at least 48 hours before the event is held. In the event that it is an immediate cancellation and some type of expense is incurred, the client must assume it.

In any other case, the cancellation of the reservation supposes the loss of the amount of the reservation confirmation.

  • Checkin: from 3:00 p.m to 10 p.m
  • Checkout: 11:00 am.

Breakfast delivery

In Caser铆o el Boquer贸n you have the possibility of requesting breakfast. You only have to request it once you make the reservation. Said reservation must be at least 48 hours in advance.

Activities and excursions

We have the collaboration of SENDA Ecoway to carry out outdoor activities on the island of Tenerife. Do you want a guided tour of Anaga? Do you want to go to peculiar places on the island and taste local wine, or eat somewhere that your senses fall in love with? Talk to us and we will organize it for you.

Frequently touched surfaces (nightstands, bedroom furniture,
knobs, remote controls…), bathroom and toilet surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with a diluted bleach disinfectant (1 part 5% household bleach in 50 parts water).

Dirty bedding and towels must be placed by the guest in a plastic bag for this purpose, which will be closed so that the establishment’s staff can remove it and replace it with clean clothes. The staff of the establishment in charge of collecting the clothes will place them in a second bag specifically identified as contaminated material so that it can be handled by the laundry services with the appropriate PPE (hygienic mask and gloves) when it is removed from the bag.

Both bed linen and towels are washed in a hot water cycle of 60潞C.

Both La Casita and Caser铆o el Boquer贸n have free private parking.

In the Caser铆o El Boquer贸n they have the possibility of staying a maximum of 10 people. Just email us and we’ll send you personalized quotation.

The rest of the accommodations have a smaller limited capacity.

It will be necessary to make a personalized budget request via email to info@wellhomestenerife.com.

We will send it within 24 hours.

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