About us

Care and attention to small details in an intimate and special atmosphere.

Behind Wellhomes there is a passionate work team strongly committed to responsibility
social, environmental and personalized customer service.

Wellhomes is a family-oriented platform that shares unique accommodations, with a great historical and emotional stamp on the island of Tenerife.
Live the stories of Wellhomes that smell of summer in the south, in a beach apartment with views of the ocean and in the north; in the Valley of La Orotava in a small Canarian house with a traditional flavor; or in the 18th century Caserío el Boquerón among vineyards.

Discover the story of a family that merges with a piece of the island’s history.

Our values


We are committed to sustainable tourism and sustainable crop production, because we know that there is another way to experience the destination, enriching it and offering quality products and experiences.


More than twenty years in the tourism sector have trained us in carrying out activities for those who visit us.


We put everything we can to the development of our business, from the heart and directing it to the satisfaction of our clients and our collaborators.



Wellhomes born from a dream

From the dream of a family of entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of expertise in leisure and tourism. One day, they had the vision of converting some of their properties and historic homes that we know today as Caserío El Boquerón or La Casita into tourist accommodation.

They wanted to reflect on them their illusions, their positivism and their passion for tourism and the historical and cultural heritage of the Canary Islands.

We are committed to creativity, good ideas, cultural exchange, the value of local products and services.

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