Know which part of Tenerife is best to stay

Discover the charm of Tenerife through a stay that adapts to your needs. We guide you through the best areas to stay, whether you are looking for tranquility, family fun or spectacular beaches.

1. Where to stay in Tenerife for a quiet experience?

If your idea of ​​a perfect holiday involves an oasis of peace, serenity and connection with nature, Wellhomes Tenerife is the ideal choice. This charming corner offers much more than just accommodation; It is an immersive experience in the authentic Tenerife.

Featured Features:

  • Surrounded by Nature: Imagine waking up to birdsong and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscapes.
  • Traditional Canarian Design: Our facilities are meticulously designed to reflect traditional Canarian architecture, providing an authenticity that blends perfectly with the environment.
  • Relaxation Spaces: From our gardens to cozy corners, each space is designed to encourage relaxation and introspection.

Unique experiences:

  • Personalized Hiking Routes: We will guide you to nearby hiking trails, revealing hidden secrets and stunning views.
  • Outdoor Dining: Experience local cuisine with outdoor dining, where authentic flavors combine with the tranquility of the surroundings.

Why choose Wellhomes Tenerife?

  • We offer the perfect combination of privacy and accessibility. Although you will immerse yourself in the serenity of our accommodations, you will be just a few minutes from the most attractive places on the island.
  • Our commitment to sustainability and personalized hospitality will provide you with a unique and authentic experience.

2. Where to stay in the south of Tenerife?

Discovering the jewel that is Tenerife South means choosing the perfect location for your stay. In this vibrant area, our apartment in El Porís stands out as the ideal enclave to immerse yourself in the best that the south of the island has to offer.

Featured Features:

  • Access to the Best Beaches: Just 5 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, our accommodation puts you in the epicenter of the south coast.
  • Proximity to Tourist Attractions: From the Cliff of the Giants to the Teide National Park, our strategic location allows you to easily explore the most emblematic attractions in the area.
  • Panoramic Views: Enjoy stunning views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes directly from your accommodation.

Unique experiences:

  • Customized Excursions: We organize excursions tailored to your interests, whether exploring marine life, engaging in exciting water activities or discovering rich local history.
  • Local Gastronomy: Immerse yourself in the local gastronomic scene, with exclusive recommendations to savor the best of Canarian cuisine.

Why choose the apartment in El Porís?

  • Connectivity and Convenience: We are strategically located to ensure that you enjoy tranquility while benefiting from proximity to essential services and points of interest.
  • Quality Accommodation: Our high-quality facilities and personalized service will provide you with an exceptional accommodation experience.

6. Where are the best beaches in Tenerife?

Tenerife’s beaches are treasures in the middle of the Atlantic, and discovering the best ones is an essential part of any visit to the island. La Casita, El Caserío el Boquerón and the El Porís apartment, are strategically located accommodations that bring you closer to some of the coasts more impressive and diverse.

Nearby Beaches:

Beaches near Caserío el Boquerón

Playa del Arenal Tenerife
Playa del Arenal Tenerife
  • Barranquera Beach: It is a picturesque place that is still virgin , and maintains the local essence of the area. It has a very pleasant swimming area from where you can see one of Tenerife’s spectacular sunsets.
  • Arenal Beach: A few minutes from our accommodation, this beach known by surf lovers turns it into a surfer paradise.
  • Playa del Roque de los Hermanos: For those looking for hidden and quiet beaches, this nearby beach offers an unparalleled experience. However, you have to be careful with the tides, because the sea in this area has strong waves and swimming can be dangerous.

Beaches near the Porís apartment

Zona de baño en el Porís de Abona
  • Playa de los Abriguitos: A pocos minutos en coche del apartamento Del Poris, esta playa con su fina arena volcánica y aguas tranquilas, la convierten en un paraíso tropical.
  • Zona de Baño den el Porís de Abona Para aquellos que buscan una playa a dos pasos del alojamiento, esta zona de baño es ideal. Tan solo cruzas la calle y ya encuentras esta maravillosa playita con su chiringuito.

Beaches near La Casita

  • Playa el Bollullo: Es sin duda una de las playas favoritas de la isla de Tenerife que no te puedes perder. Su gran belleza, sus limpias aguas, su fina arena negra de origen volcánico, y su relativa facilidad de acceso, para ser una playa prácticamente salvaje, hacen que esta playa sea una de las playas de Tenerife de visita obligada
  • Playa Jardín: Playa Jardín es una de las playas de Tenerife más completa y con más servicios de la isla. Además, se encuentra muy cerca de Loro Parque, por lo que es una opción perfecta para disfrutar de un día completo en familia.

Beach Activities:

  • Deportes Acuáticos: Experimenta la emoción del surf en las cercanías de nuestras playas recomendadas.
  • Relax y Bienestar: Descansa bajo el cálido sol y disfruta de momentos de serenidad en playas que son auténticos refugios de paz.

Coastal Exploration:

  • Hiking by the Sea: Explore panoramic routes that wind along the coast, offering you stunning views and the opportunity to discover hidden corners.
  • Chiringuitos and Restaurants: Immerse yourself in Canarian beach culture with visits to charming beach bars and restaurants serving fresh delicacies facing the sea.

Unforgettable experiences:

  • Magical Sunsets: Live the magic of unforgettable sunsets on the beach, moments that capture the very essence of Tenerife.
  • Encounter with Marine Life: Some of our recommended beaches are ideal for spotting marine life, offering you the opportunity to discover the richness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Why choose La Casita?

  • Practical Access: Our strategic location places you just steps from the most notable beaches, guaranteeing comfort and flexibility in your coastal exploration.
  • Local Advice: We provide you with local information and recommendations so that you can make the most of your time on the beaches of Tenerife.

Tenerife is a paradise of beaches, and our accommodations act as your gateway to these coastal wonders. Discover the diversity, beauty and excitement that our nearby beaches offer. Book now and immerse yourself in the ultimate beach experience in Tenerife!

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