Where to eat in La Orotava

The top 5 Guachinches near La Casita (La Orotava)

  1. What is a guachinche?

Guachinches are a type of restaurant that can be found on the island of Tenerife. Eating in a guachinche is quite an experience since it brings us closer to the local culture and the canarian tradition.

Guachinches are usually located in rural and difficult-to-reach areas. Traditionally the wine sold in this type of restaurant is homegrown since they are harvested and prepared by farmers. They only remain open when there is wine and are not usually open to the public for more than 4 months.

In their menu they have a maximum of 3 dishes of traditional Canarian food, as well as nuts, fruits and vegetables grown by them themselves in addition to the house wine.

Here we show you the best guachinches in La Orotava

1. Guachinche El Cubano

It has a large terrace that makes it a viewpoint to enjoy magnificent views of the Orotava valley. It also has a wide variety of homemade dishes, as well as desserts in which the Uruguayan powder, three chocolate cake and cheese cake, etc. stand out. excellent service

Guachinche el Cubano

How to get to Guachinche El Cubano

2. Guachinche Los Gómez

Features several homemade dishes: croquettes, ropa vieja, stampede eggs, grilled cheese and grilled meat as a main course; It also has several homemade desserts.

It is located in the lower area of ​​La Orotava, it has an excellent wine and it is a cozy and quiet place as it is surrounded by vineyards.

Guachinche los gomez

How to get to the guachinche los Gómez

2. Guachinche La Casona

Offers a wide variety of grilled meats and typical homemade dishes on your menu.

We can also find exclusive typical dishes such as typical black pork from the Canary Islands o “ropa vieja”. They also organize birthdays, communions, weddings and different types of of events. And they have free parking.

Ropa Vieja is one of the national dishes of Cuba (unlike Cuban Rice, which appears to be a purely Canarian invention.) However, just to be even more confusing, the Canarian version of Ropa Vieja is different from the Caribbean version (which is shredded or pulled stewed beef served with rice), while the Canarian version has potatoes and chickpeas added directly to the dish


guachinche la casona

How to get to the guachinche la Casona

4. Guachinche El Romance

This guachinche takes us back in time, It is an old rustic house with a great decoration of traditional Canarian products, it has an old window. It also offers different homemade dishes and a variety of desserts. It also has a variety of local wines. Excellent value for money and good customer service. A cozy place to enjoy with family or friends

guachinche el romance
ventita el romance

source: guachinchesparranderos.com

How to get to the guachinche El Romance

5. Guachinche El Ramal

This guachinche has a wide variety of homemade dishes on its menu from chickpeas, chistorras, escaldón, grilled cheese, “carne fiesta”, to meats such as bichillo, chop, ribs or steaks. It has a large living room with a terrace overlooking Puerto de la Cruz.

Carne fiesta, also known as marinated pork, is a dish made with pork. Its preparation is very common during the celebration of festivities, verbenas and pilgrimages, the latter being the most important festivities in each town.

Escaldón de gofio is an ancient and traditional recipe from the island of Tenerife. It is made by boiling a meat or fish stock which is then poured over the gofio in an earthenware bowl (lebrillo) and kneaded to a more or less thick consistency


guachinche el ramal

Source: guachincheentenerife.com

How to get to the guachinche El Ramal

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