The 6 best beaches in the north of Tenerife

The northern beaches in Tenerife dazzle with its singular beauty, the result of the volcanic origin of the Canary Islands. The contrast between the black volcanic sand and the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, along with the impressive cliffs that plunge into the sea, create a unique natural setting.

It is important to bear in mind that these wild beaches usually have strong waves, so precautions should be taken and only bathe when the sea is calm.

Discover the best beaches in the north of Tenerife: volcanic beauty and blue waters. Surfing, unique landscapes and wild nature await you 🏖️

The best beaches in the north of Tenerife

1. Benijo Beach: Dream Photographs at Sunset

Located in Taganana, in the Anaga district, the virgin Playa de Benijo is one of the most photographed in Tenerife. At sunset, the landscape transforms into an idyllic image, adorned with water currents, the Benijo and La Rapadura rocks, and the warm orange hue of the sun setting on the horizon.

To access this beach, it is necessary to go down a path of stairs, which can be easily done with comfortable shoes. We recommend visiting it at low tide, when the stretch of sand is greater. However, caution should always be exercised due to the currents that occur in its waters.

Benijo Beach | Source: Canva

2. Castro Beach: A Corner of Tranquility and Waterfalls

In the municipality of Los Realejos, is the charming Playa de Castro. Surrounded by sand and pebbles, this beach is especially famous for its waterfall, which enhances the unique beauty of the north of Tenerife.

Although the high tide can hide the sand, the panorama that this beach offers is well worth a visit. In its surroundings, near Playa de los Roques, you will find a haven of peace away from the crowds. It is the perfect place to disconnect and connect with nature.

3. El Bollullo Beach: Extension of Black Sand in Rincón

One of the jewels of northern Tenerife is El Bollullo Beach , located on the edge of a cliff in El Rincón, in the municipality of La Orotava. Its large expanse of black sand, divided by volcanic rock formations, creates an impressive landscape.

This beach is famous for body boarding and surfing due to its waves. When visiting, caution is essential, as the currents can be changeable. A perfect plan is to enjoy brunch or lunch at the nearby restaurant, which offers spectacular views of the sea.

Bollullo beach | Source: Canva

4. Los Roques Beach: A Unique Photographic Setting

Located in Los Realejos, Los Roques Beach stands out for its volcanic rocks that resist the onslaught of the sea. At low tide, you will be able to appreciate the combination of pebbles and black sand, creating a perfect setting for photographing the coast.


To access, you can follow the Sendero del Agua, an easy route to follow, or arrive by car, although parking is limited. This beach offers a unique experience in the north of Tenerife and is a special place to connect with nature.

5. Almáciga Beach: Wild Nature and Surf

Another natural jewel in the north of Tenerife is Playa de Almáciga, located in Anaga, next to Playa de Benijo.

This beach is ideal for surfing due to its changing currents, but caution should be exercised when swimming. Almáciga beach is less crowded in the less touristy seasons, but in summer it is a popular place for surfers and nature lovers.

6. Tamadite Beach: A Hidden Gem in the Barranco de Afur

If you are looking for a good hiking route to a virgin beach in Tenerife, Playa del Tamadite is your place. Located in the north of Tenerife, it is near Afur, a town belonging to the Anaga Rural Park. The path that leads to the beach is a charming route, crossing the slopes of the Afur ravine with small streams and exuberant vegetation.

Although it is not suitable for bathing due to its strong currents, it is a perfect place to take impressive photos and enjoy a small picnic before continuing to explore.

The beaches in the north of Tenerife offer wild nature and an incomparable landscape thanks to its volcanic origin. Each corner presents unique geological formations that make these beaches special and memorable places for lovers of nature and adventure.

Discover these natural jewels and live unforgettable experiences in the north of Tenerife!

Playa de Tamadite
Tamadite Beach | Source: Canva

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