Secret places in Tenerife

Are you a nature lover? Here you can enjoy the secret places that Tenerife hides

Table of Contents

1. Guincho Beach

Located in the municipality of Garachico, more specifically on the coast of El Guincho, it is a cozy cove with crystalline waters and volcanic rock. The area is full of banana trees and some paths that invite you to take a walk ending with a good bath at the end.

How to get to Guincho Beach (Garachico)

2. La Rambla

Known as the Rambla de los Caballos due to the name of the road that surrounded it, called El Rosario due to its hermitage, it is one of the population entities that make up the municipality of San Juan de La Rambla.

How to get to the Rambla de los Caballos

3. Boca cangrejo - the town of hearts

Immerse yourself in the magic of Bocacangrejo, a treasure hidden in Radazul, El Rosario. Located between the Humilladero and Jagua ravines, this charming corner of Tenerife awaits you with its coastal authenticity, white houses and fishing atmosphere.

The iconic painted hearts on the promenade, work of a dedicated neighbor, add a unique touch to this place. These attractive decorations have made Crabmouth an unmistakable tourist attraction.

Ready to explore the magic of Crabmouth? Discover why this peculiar Rosario neighborhood attracts lovers of authenticity and beauty.

How to get to Boca Cangrejo

4. Roque Bermejo

It is located in Anaga. It is a perfect place to cool off after an intense day of hiking either taking a bath or enjoying the views of the beach from La Ventita de Fidela

How to get to Roque Bermejo

5. El Monte del Agua

It is a laurel forest that is located between the municipalities of Buenavista del Norte and Silos. An ideal place to practice hiking .

How to get to Monte del Agua

6. The best preserved Palm Grove in Tenerife

Located in the Barranco del Cercado, through which water runs throughout the year. It is located in the coastal neighborhood of San Andrés a few meters from the capital.

How to get to Barranco del Cercado

7. Charco de La Mareta

This is one of the best natural pools on the island, although it is difficult to access. You can enjoy this magnificent corner if the sea is in good condition. Temporarily Closed.

How to get to Charco de la Mareta

8. Paths of the centennial guardians

Enter the impressive ‘Protected Landscape of Las Lagunetas‘ through the fascinating trail of Los Guardianes Centenarios. Located in the Agua García Forest, in the north of the beautiful island of Tenerife, this circular route is a true natural jewel, ideal for families.

With a level Of low difficulty, the Los Guardianes Centenarios trail gives you the opportunity to explore for approximately two hours. In addition, its first adapted section is ideal for people with reduced mobility and disabilities. Keep an eye out for the white and yellow markings (PR – short tour) that will guide you on your journey, ensuring that you follow the correct route.

Immerse yourself in this unique experience in Tenerife and discover the magic of Los Guardianes Centenarios in their natural environment.

Sendero Guardianes centenarios jpg

How to get to the path of the Centennial Guardians

If you are excited to explore the Los Guardianes Centenarios Trail, here are the directions to the starting point. From the TF-5 highway in the direction of Tacoronte, take exit 19 in the direction of Agua García. Once there, follow the signs to the peaceful recreational area of ​​Lomo de la Jara. For your convenience, you can park your vehicle on the same access street as the path.

¡ Get ready to enjoy a unique experience in the middle of the nature of Tenerife!

9. Arco de Tajao

A whim of nature, it is a stone bridge, an obligatory visit if you are in the southern part of the island of Tenerife.

How to get to the Tajao Arch

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