Carnaval de Tenerife

Do you want to enjoy the carnival of Tenerife? Here we will tell you everything you need about this festival

Carnival is the most popular party in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In 1980 it was declared a party of “International tourist interest” and has been in the Guinness Book of Records since 1987 with the highest public participation. More than 200 thousand people in a dance held in an open space with a great performance by the Cuban artist Celia Cruz and the orchestra Billo´s Caracas Boys.


Source: diariodeavisos. elespañ Image of the crowd that brought together thousands of people in the Plaza de España and surroundings


source: Photo: Marbella Direct.

Image Juan Luis Guerra performing at the Carnival of S/C de Tenerife 2019. He managed to overcome the Guinnes World Record with 400,000 people 1987

Tenerife Carnival is considered the second best in the world after that of Rio de Janeiro. Carnival begins every February with various carnival group contests including children’s and adult murgas, comparsas, musical groups, rondallas, characters. In addition to the galas that are held in three modalities: Children, adults and the elderly.

carnaval de tenerife

source: photo: Andrés Gutiérrez. Image Queen Carnival 2023

After the contests are held. The carnival takes to the streets, where every year thousands of people dress up and enjoy the party  for a week to live the carnival. The carnival goers match the night with the day since you can enjoy great orchestras in the open air. In addition, thousands of tourists visit Tenerife every year to enjoy the festival and the parades that take place in the streets. If you are in Tenerife in the month of February you can enjoy this characteristic party. .

carnaval de tenerife 2020

font: okdiario. com image of the tremendous arena in Francisco la Roche Avenue on Shrove Tuesday.

The House of Carnival is a museum dedicated to Carnival that opened its doors in June of 2017, where tourists can visit it 365 days a year, there you can see the winning costumes of the different contests as well as the costumes of the carnival queens. It also has a shop where you can take a souvenir.

How to get to the House of Carnival 

casa carnaval 2


Carnival Program 2023


Programa Carnaval Tenerife 2023

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