La Casita

from 190€/night
Are you looking for a holiday rental in Tenerife with a private pool? This is your ideal house.
La Casita is an old party building, which was restored and expanded two decades ago, maintaining the flavor of the typical Canarian house, with a beautiful porch at the back of the house that overlooks a lush garden and a pool/jacuzzi.

Included services

Private pool/jacuzzi
Wifi Internet
private garage

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from 190€/night


There are two options for booking: Option 1: Select the desired dates to stay and pay with PayPal or card. Option 2: When proceeding with the reservation, select “Book (confirm quote)”. A WELLHOMES reservation agent will contact you to confirm the reservation once you have made the transfer for 100% of the amount. Once the transfer is made, the reservation will be confirmed.
Accommodation cancellation. If the cancellation is made 15 days in advance it will be free. In the event that it is an immediate cancellation and some type of expense is incurred, the client must assume it. The cancellation of the reservation supposes the loss of 50% of the amount entered for the confirmation of the same. The other 50% will be reserved for a future stay.
  • Entry time: 15:00 hours.
  • Departure time: 12:00 hours.
Frequently touched surfaces (nightstands, bedroom furniture, knobs, remote controls…), the surfaces of the bathroom and the toilet are cleaned and disinfected with a disinfectant with diluted bleach (1 part of 5% household bleach in 50 parts of water). Dirty bed linen and towels must be placed by the guest in a plastic bag for this purpose, which will be closed so that the establishment staff can remove it and replace it with clean linen. The establishment staff in charge of collecting the clothes will place them in a second bag specifically identified as contaminated material so that it can be handled by the laundry services with the appropriate PPE (hygienic mask and gloves) when it is removed from the bag. Both bed linen and towels are washed in a 60ºC hot water cycle.
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